Saturday, April 28, 2012

Will Sing For Love: An Experiment in Co-creativity

Not that what I typically write isn't highly personal, but this post is particularly so, very clearly. I'm an open book when it comes to my experiences and views if there is any way it will enhance the experience of another...

So I love love, I don't think that is a secret. I am a devotee of unconditional love and truth/reality. In my personal life, I am filled with lots of love that I pour into and receive back from my life and those within it. When recently I truly felt I found the deepest connection imaginable with another person, the someone and something I thought was going to bring me home, I was shocked when it ended, quite quickly.  I made peace with reality fast, because I had no other choice.

I am living my life even more passionately then ever before, aiming to be as present as possible. I am pretty damn happy. I am at peace. I am blissful. I also know that (long, very personal story short) it has been a long time and I am very much ready for a deep, beautiful, loving connection to arise in my life.

Most people have heard of the Law of Attraction, which works, is very real, indeed. However, the way I like to view it is as co-creativity, because our sheer will can bring us things, but if the thing we wanted and what actually satisfies us are one in the same more then one out of ten times I'd be surprized! Working with the constant truth unfolding in each moment as felt in our hearts, co-creativity begs a more dynamic  and honest approach to life then saying "I want what I want, and that is all I want, I will not bend!" Won't you bend, if what you get is infinitely more gratifying and elevating then what you imagined you wanted? Really!?  ; )

SO I am living. I am loving. I am learning. I am dancing and singing, creating, working hard, enjoying each moment along the way. I enjoy who and what I receive each day. Some days I am a little lonely and wish the universe would hurry it up a little. Most days I am too busy living to worry about it anyhow! Loneliness is part of the prayer- (to me prayer is a feeling, whatever you feel.. love, gratitude, desire, worry, anxiousness.... sends energy outward, which is met with like energy.. feeling is prayer!) and part of the experience that makes finding new people to share time and space with so beautiful.

Music is so key to me because it evokes feelings, it can be used to direct your mood where you want it to be. I love music. I love singing, I love dancing, I love expressing rhythm with my body. I do it everyday, quite naturally.

So I made myself great playlists. I made one I call "Random Sweetness", all sorts of degrees of sweetness in the form of songs I enjoy. It's sweet as sugar. I play it whenever it fits the mood. I sing at the top of my lungs, just like I do. Who am I singing to? Who is the object of my affection?! The mystery! Whomever is the next great love of my life, that's who! Who is this guy? Your guess is probably as good as mine! I don't need to know until I know.

A fun exercise I do when the mood passionately strikes me, is to write a letter to the universe. Just a scribble for fun in my journal... I write exactly what I want and make sure to add- " what I ultimately want is what is best for the entire universe, especially all involved." I don't want what I want at the expense of anyone else's happiness, not when the universe is abundant with love and joy.

I watch synchronicity, like when a million little clues come up in the form of what song pops up on the radio, a license plate, a statement from someone who doesn't realize that it means something significant specifically to you or points to someone in your life.

I sit back and watch. I go out and live. I follow my heart and passion. And I shall see who I am singing too. I am so outgoing that I often do the pursuing and I said very clearly that I want to be loved so damn much for who I am that I will be pursued this time.. in a very loving and genuine way.

Some say I am crazy, and some smile and nod because they know. This is how the world works. This is how I live. And guess what? I am healthy, happy, productive and compassionate. I live a fulfilling life. I aim to live without regret. I have none because I keep moving forward and living deeper and deeper in each moment.

"My method is uncertain, it's a mess, but it's working!"  ~Fiona Apple, lyrics, "Please, Please, Please"

"Live your life, be your self without fear. Put yourself out there and yes, follow your heart, passion, attractions. But don't cling, or grab desperately at the first sign of interest if it isn't met with the complete radiance of the sun, the most amazing sensations you have ever felt. You will know real love when you find it, and if you have to ask, you simply have not found it yet! Follow the clues, instead of thinking the clues are the treasure, you will know when you find it! Trust, your own intelligence and intuition. Love is everywhere. Your story will be worthy of your heart..." ~laura harrison

Rumi says that real lovers are not satisfied to play on the shore of love, but will run right in and drown in the ocean of unconditional love. I know myself, I am a real lover. I am floating in that sea often, and I get more connected everyday. I will be my radiant self and never compromise to satisfy or gratify anyone's insecurity. When the right wave comes, I will let it swallow me. The best part, is that although you lose yourself in real love, you become more yourself then ever before. Real love makes you feel more independent, while being completely connected. That is what this enlightenment game is all about... completely unique and uncompromisingly individual, while completely given to the fact that we are individuals woven into a fabric of one universe, and loving that oneness and living within it's beauty....

May all find the love they seek and know it exists in their own hearts!

all one <3 , laura

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  1. Hear hear sista'! live, love, dance (and for me, let go of the fear) As my older brother said to me.."it will come". I'm looking forward to class and being in your positive, inspiring company! ♥