Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Incredible, Versatile Curried Cashews with Parsley

Oh man, this is Soooooooo good! The most delicious thing I've tasted in a long time! This photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful contrast of curry powder's bold yellow, parsley's bright green and if you wish, add some paprika on top or a tomato slice for red!

You can eat it straight like I did, or you can roll it into balls and dehydrate for a sort of falafel, or add some carrots and or onions and press into veggie patties. Fresh is best in my world, I don't need fancy shapes!

Curried Cashews with Parsley

1 big handful soaked raw cashews

1 small spoon Bragg's liquid aminos

1/2 clove fresh garlic

1 big handful parsley

A decent spoon of good curry powder

Small spoon olive oil

Combine in food processor until as consistent as possible, probably not smooth, but consistent. Maybe add a dash of salt.

Enjoy!!!! <3, laura

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