Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't Chase, Open Your Arms

Don't Chase, Open Your Arms
by Laura Harrison

Don't chase, how unmistakable it seemed,
When he seemd to be a solid sort of destiny,
but he wasn't what she dreamed,
just a teacher, if she didn't fall in love he wouldn't reach her

but letting go of the idea that he
was your prince charming
takes a little time
or a lot of trust
that life will bring you better then you seek

Don't chase that which runs away from your heart
Stand in the wind, open your arms
spin till your dizzy and the one who will understand your genius will appear
and move towards him without fear

Don't chase, don't try to make her fit
is she just so close but not quite it?
maybe she's there to unlock a piece of you
maybe a teacher, keeping you growing
maybe she'll get you ready for the next true love

but letting go of the idea that she
was supposed be your queen
maybe you didn't know just what the feelings would mean
when you were feeling them
you just don't quite understand love,
none of us do,
not completely...

but its a tapestry, woven with an emotion
vast as the ocean
and just as full of life..
just because you love her now doesn't mean she needs to be your wife
you are your own person, don't let him become your life
lose yourself in love while it lasts, while its mutual,
and if your not on the same page, then don't let your feelings fool you
love comes in many flavors, many degrees,
and thinking there is just one kind and that its solid like forever is a disease

can you open your arms to the one you are falling in love with..
it is truly a trust fall, 
but you don't need to trust the other,
you need to trust your own resilience,
trust life.. trust that you'll hear the call

love is not owning the other,
owning the outcome that you wanted and planned,
love is not choosing a person like an object to have.
love is staying connected to the land underneath your feet.
and losing yourself in the heartbeat, the cosmic music, the flow
the moment, as it is, as it is, not as you'd rather it'd be,
but reality..

the vibrancy, 
that flows through you and me,
it is the fabric of everything.

Don't chase love, make it, in this moment..
you don't need a lover to make love,
you need eyes, open wide to the sky,
you need to breathe the breeze as it carresses you,
you need to move, to run, to play, remember how to groove...

love is here in the moment,
in the eyes of a child,
in the creative passion
coursing through you so wild,
let it set you free..
lose yourself in that sea,
Don't chase love, open your arms,
spinning in the field, get drunk on sky,
lose yourself in the act of living,
lose yourself in all... the love.. you're giving..

when you get lonely you're missing the moment,
not the lover you thought was supposed to be yours
or the adornment... that money can bring,,
love is everything..
and the more I give the more comes back to me..

Don't chase the love they isn't freely given
lose yourself in the life you deem worthy of living
love and play, because each one can be your last day,
it can be as magnificent as a first,
open your arms, stay alive, wide to the sky, don't try
to label or understand...
lose those your hands...

some days are heavy, baby,
some days are pretty cold,
but open your arms, let the poetry of it flow,
and when it passes through, the sun does shine again,
and you know..

love is everywhere.

Don't chase...

Open wide...

It flows from inside.

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