Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Living My Life Again

Living My Life Again

By Laura Harrison

It may sound narcissistic, and it may sound vain,

But when you see the same pattern emerge over and over again,

The karma seems to speak for itself,
But what is it saying?

If I'm failing my lesson or
Is it a game that I'm playing?

I'm magnificent and loving,
Blissful in this journey to discover,

But somehow I grew accustomed,
To making space for another,

And because that space existed,
Yet remained empty,

My wholeness was tainted,
And I became lonely,

I finally realized,
To take that space back for me,

That this is my life,
That I should live fully,

And when that someone comes,
He will only add to my joy,

That love shouldn't drain,
That love shouldn't destroy,

My life is whole,
Nothing is missing,

Although I knew that in my brain,
My heart wasn't listening,

I cried out the pain,
Of all those false starts,

Of all those crushed hopes,
And my broken hearts,

And now I can live my life again,
Now I'm completely free,

To be in love with the world,
To cherish the serendipity,

No one had me trapped,
Other then my mind,

And I have grown brighter,
And much more kind.

Love is not love if,
For it I must compromise inner truth,

I learned from those trials,
But I struggled nail and tooth,

Now life my is fulfilling and beautiful, no drama, a smooth flow,

But Life is filled with battle
When ignoring the truth deep down we know.

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