Friday, October 19, 2012

One Weekend By Laura Harrison

One Wonderful Weekend,
I made a new friend,
I saw him before,
 his energy intrigued me,
but not enough to worry,
but I did want more.

I wanted to be all alone in the crowd,
wear my anonymity like a shroud,
I wasn't in much of a mood,
yet everywhere I turned,
another person I sort of knew.
they didn't know me at all.

Another corner, another twist,
I didn't want it, but I didn't resist.
smiles were handed to me,
they warmed my heart,
waged war on my tormented belly.
I was along for the ride.

I didn't understand the way I reacted,
I didn't expect that I'd be attracted.
Little did I know what would follow,
when I detected a hint of accent,
in the digits of a number I never knew I'd know
or where it would go.

So I lived a weekend in a delightful place
I witnessed myself in a surreal haze
first repelled then attracted,
pursued, and distracted
and just when my heart bloomed
I learned I was wrong.

But while I wished that the sweetness would last,
I was quickly freed from my past,
and now I am free to start again.
one dizzying weekend cleaned the slate
and now I have to meet myself and start my life all over again...

thanks to a new and wonderful friend.

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