Sunday, October 21, 2012



by Laura Harrison

How can I learn to trust myself
when I have stumbled so many times?

How can I learn to love myself after condemning myself for so many crimes?

But all the times that I have failed
I succeeded in some way
except for the times I ignored my knowing,
and deferred to what others did say.

Trust comes from letting go
from giving up
from being tired of trying to drink
from an empty cup.

We all need to feel loved,
so we mistakenly try to conform,
although no one truly ever wants,
 to embody the everyday norm.

So it sounds trite, but its true,
Be nobody but you

You don't have to try
to embody your vibe

Just lose yourself in the act of being alive

      and over
                and over again..

and trust will grow itself my friend.

Deep honesty is the only path,
and getting lost is the only math.

The compass is your own heart,
and every moment is the perfect one
in which to start.

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