Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Journey From Misery (full version)


By Laura Harrison

Don't you realize your world is a reflection of your inner state?

So what do you expect to see in the world if your heart is filled with hate?

So throw your arms up and proclaim, "it's too late"?

Or simply apply yourself to living, try to be alive--

Let go of the addiction to misery,
Like opening a fist wide into the breeze,

Let it blow away.
What did you ever do to yourself to earn such a despise from inside?

Worst thing you did was live in a disguise...
Tried to fit a mold,
Tried too hard to hold,
Onto ideas that weren't yours,
Tried too hard.. To be loved.

Focus on what's good about yourself and your life and you might just be surprised.

It's a long journey from there to here,
And you'll encounter a lot of fear,
The unhappiness doesn't all disappear,
But you will find the beauty in everything.

The journey from misery is a voyage,
We can all choose to take,
But some of us the burdens break
Or some the fear suppresses
The urge to decompress
But everything that's living seeks
Happiness and freedom from suffering

When we hatred inside our form
Our whole world will conform,
To its ugliness, its paranoid jealousy
And it will never set us free.

But at least if we can feel
We may find a path to help us heal
Sewing wounds with threads of acceptance and love

Someday we will realize we are enough
That happiness is not elite
Is not found in objects, nor discreet,

Where you used to seek it outside of you,
realize that the trigger is just a cue,
That you feel happiness inside your heart...

Just remember that it is the hardest part.
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