Friday, October 19, 2012

You On Your Path, Me On Mine by Laura Harrison

Once again
I must accept
letting go of contempt
accepting my own frailty
its when I lose myself I set myself free...

walking.. breathing...
I have no room for seething..
no acceptance of drama, created by dogma
this saga
is interrupted by all I'm holding
as a concept or a precept or a rule I created for myself

can I accept that I may find in something dead that which the living are not providing

it takes time to let the old ways quit me, the slower path lit by serendipity,
the fast one ravenous fire

desire isn't wrong, its only natural to long
so long to all the old views
and see how long it took you
to walk the spirals
learn that all these ebbs and flows
that how it goes

and that happiness isn't without the agony of longing

a tinge of bittersweet, make the time when we meet much sweeter, my dear..
love's not complete if we assume its last forever.. for the feelings will certainly change,
all matter does rearrage,
your child will grow,
the flower of your passion may die,
as paths converge,
they also diverge,
so to not celebrate this completely is to take it for granted

so for now I will admit my own limitaions
and deviations from rules that need not exist
so yet again, life persists,
and it is steadfast in resolute,
in its lack of definition,
stone-walls, absolutes, or black and white..

and you, my dearest love, may just misunderstand what it is to fight..
don't fight the nature of your heart, don't fight your truth,
even if it defies your rules, or defies and proof..

fight against the fear and false ideas,
self-consciousness as a disease,
life should be lived in joyous ease,
but that doesn't always mean doing just as we please..

I'm not advocating hedonism,
I'm not advocating masochism,
but the solution to your schism,
lies in the places inbetween,
invisible and unseen..

life is rejoicing, creativity is for voicing,
letting go of the show that would impress,
letting go of the constriction of stress,
accepting the mess of reality,
embracing the loneliness,
dancing with the bliss,
opening your chest wider to every sensation,
whether you enjoy it or not,

flying from the place where you are,
getting over the fear or urge for preparedness,
you aren't unworthy,
you are just unaware,
of your own precious worth,
proven by the simple fact of your birth..

you came to this world for work and mirth,
a soul playing a role for a while..
don't get so uptight,
because it is all both sacred and silly play
live this day like a brilliant and wise child,
eyes wide, ever-wild,
joyous, in the fascination of each moment's consumation,
of all things purposeful and divine,
you on your path,
and me on mine.

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