Sunday, October 21, 2012

We Can Only Unearth Together by Laura Harrison

I had to lose myself to find myself again,
If I didn't come through all that hurt I wouldn't have the zen,

If I didn't spend those years feeling so all alone,
I wouldn't know how to cherish each moment to the bone,
I wouldn't know how to kiss you like crazy when you come home,
I wouldn't know how to become free when I roam,

It's funny how every relationship and every friend has given me a clue,
& as I piece them all together they're adding up to you.

I don't know you, haven't met you,
but when I do I won't soon forget you,
All these leads and inbetweens I don't soon regret, true..
But I can't say I won't be glad to let you      in..

I'm too connected to the real to ever I know,
exactly how my life is going to go..
Some people find life-long love while,
if I could find Real Love for even a few years I'd smile.

I recognize paths come together and part,
and that even when its over you'll be in my heart,

a relationship of any sort is a mutual shaping...

at best you'll each go deeper and find
pieces of yourself you never knew were missing,

But more times then not there comes a place,
and although those memories can't be replaced,
There is s difficult truth that must be faced...

Your path is yours and mine is mine,
and although it hurts to let go
we have to if we each wish to continue to shine.

and you are always a piece of me,
and I am always a piece of you,
and our mutual shaping colors everything we do.

So Love, though I haven't met you,
and though my life is mine,
I can't wait until I see you see me,
although until then I'm more then fine,
the longing fuels my me-ness
and gives me bittersweet joy,
I have all of Nature to love me,
and I have my baby boy.

Yet Nature has no arms,
doesn't smell like a man,
doesn't hold me in loving strength,
or sweetly take my hand.

Although I know this love is wrapped
around me like a sweater,

I love to feel it reflected in your eyes,
see it written in your face,
hear it in your honest words,
and in our initial chase.

I can't wait to see you see me,
or feel you fall in love with me,
and for us to find the piece of ourselves
that we can only unearth together.

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