Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tissue Paper Circles

Tissue Paper Circles

Laura Harrison

The thinnest layers of emotion and sensation,
like a texture so fine, that its far beyond touch,

meshing with the energies around me,
like two tissue paper circles, we overlap to see
a new color formed where our energies meet,
so subtle so fine, so close to impossible to define,

I have to sharpen the skills to discern,
this is a difficult but most intriguing and desirable talent to learn,

peeling back the delicate strata, delicate like a spider's web,
real like steel, trying to understand what I feel..

where do my feelings and energies end,
where do others' begin,
what belongs to whom,
what belongs to the ecosystem of the room,
of the trees,
of the town,
of the people,
each person,
which is them, and which is me?

Each in a split second, I feel so much,
more alive with sensation, so far beyond the touch,
I am honored to be awake to this beginner's state,
some would say I'm early to be here, many would say its late..

but I'm here, and observing,
quickly catching up, quickly learning..

And maybe I will begin to see more clearly,
through my deepest senses, I feel more each day,
but sometimes I don't know what is me,
he, she, and they.

Commentary:  The more conscious we become, and the more we lighten up our energy, the more sensitve we are to that sixth sense of energy.. spirit.. Some people are born with that quality already heightened, or a near-death experience brings it on..  these people are often mediums, empaths, intuitives.. and not everyone uses this skill professionally.. many people are just this way.. many people don't know it or understand it.. And that is very challenging, because our "culture" in America denies the spiritual's genuine existence. So there are many people, myself included, that go through a lot of suffering before they come to understand what they have been experiencing.

We all can feel energy, and we all experience it to some extent, even the most closed people can experience it at times.. Some of us are more sensitive then others.. I'm not as sensitive as many people I know, but more sensitive then most I guess.. and I know it can be hellishly confusing at times, literally feeling your own feelings, plus the feelings of the people near you, plus the energy of the space, the environment, the buildings.. theres energy from all directions, and it can be quite overwhelming. It can make you physically ill, or feel heavy, lethargic, drained of life, depressed, anxious, fearful, or give you things like headaches, stomachaches and the like. Lots of sleep helps.. but it truly is a unique learning curve to aquire and sharpen the skills to discern energy.

The hardest part truly can be to realize where your feelings stop and everyone else's begin...

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