Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rainy Days

RAINY DAYS (Stop Fighting Gravity)

By Laura Harrison

Why do rainy days seem to trigger a softly sad, nostalgic sort of tranquility?

As if we are more acutely aware in our gentleness of our own frailty,
Our own mortality..

Rainy days, gray days, gentle days, many ways,
To open to its fragile flow.

See through the haze,
That changes our focus.

Its as if only on rainy days we know
Life is too short rush
The currents too swift to hush
And in our softness that we can clearly
Feel the deeper meaning of reality.

Rivers and rivulets of energy
Ebbing and flowing creating
Rich tapestries of sensitivity
from who and what we are creates tragedy..

Sometimes only in sickness or emergency,
we surrender our battle against reality,
And only when we stop fighting gravity,

can we ever fly.
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