Sunday, October 21, 2012

Taking Less and Giving More

Taking Less and Giving More

by Laura Harrison

take too little and you become bitter
take too much and you get buried under the weight,

taking to little, you get tossed like litter,
taking too much you are filled with hate,

But if you can find the edge,
like the shoreline always changing,
and if you can find the balance point,
although its constantly rearranging

If you can find the poem
and the sparkle in each moment,
you can have a moving joy..

one in times of trouble
           times of pain
           times of sun
       & times of rain

If you can learn to take just what you need, to keep your heart overflowing,

Your life becomes your masterpiece,
and your passion becomes a knowing,
your actions are the showing

of who you truly are

and giving more then you take

will take you extraordinarily far.

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